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Gujarat State has undertaken to maintain villages clean under ‘Nirmal Gujarat Scheme work of classing village and office has been undertaken as integral part.
Classification of recade and classing is undertaken in the office, which stiffing of dunghills, construction of toilets are undertaken in the village
Information on the scheme (2006-07)
(1) APL toilets
APL toilet work is carried out in their branch under ‘Nirmal Gujarat' 2007. 7470 toilets were constructed during 2007-08 against the target of 23666 toilets, for which expenditure of Rs.44,70 lakh was incurred.
(2) Scavenging Tax
In view of scavenging work under sanitation exampling the scavenging tax was introduced in 590 gram panchayat.s demeaned form panchayat was Rs.80.59 lakh of which Rs.41.20 lakh have been recovered. Three 161 driest bind, and q trellis as well as 1125 spades, pick-axes and were used. Number of scavenging group is 16. The endangers make scavenging work on monthly remuneration of Rs.800.
(3) Shifiting of Dang-hills
Correspondence regarding shifting of dung-hills is made this branch. There were 17,582 dung-hills were shifted up to 31-3-2007. 8037 dang-hills have been disposed off from 1-4-2007 to 31-3-2008 5390 dang-hills await their disposal.
(4) Classification of records
Classification of record work was entrusted under Nirmal Gujarat , 2007 number of files to be classified were 72,645. Acc the files/records have been classified. 4062 files have been destroyed 20,500 files have been degusted in record room.
(5) Scavenging work
129 dust-bind have been provided day a voluntary organized for scavenging work, cash assistance of Rs.9000 has been received. Popular contribution of Rs.40,000 has been received.
(6) Health check-up
Looking to the work of health check-up of officers and employees, there were total 7184 offices/employees, as on 1-1-2007. 6983 offices/employees underwent health-check-up as on 31-3-2008. 2001 employer voluntarily retired or retired on attritional the age of Superannuation 100% health check up was completed as on 31-3-2008
(7) Door to door collection.
Door to door colletction of garbage was undertaken at Vadia and Moti Kankavev villages of kunkages taluka, Dhari, prempeare, Heripara and mota develia villages in Dhai Taluka under ‘Nirmal Gujarat’ 2007.