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Examination fees and scholarship
The government provides the examination fees upto SSC exams to the people coming from the backward classes. The scholarship offered to the students studying in the high school includes the admission fee, student’s fee, tuition fee etc. Mentioned below are the details of the scholarship offered to the primary and high school students.
For the boys and girls belonging to extremely backward classes such as Valmiki, Hadi, Nadia, Senva, Vankarsadhu, Turi, Harijan and Bawa and studying between standards 1st to 7th are offered Rs 450/- and Rs 600/- respectively whereas the boys and girls studying class 8th to 10th, are offered Rs 300/- and Rs 400/- respectively.
Uniform Assistance
The children belonging to the families with an annual income below Rs 15796/- are provided with two uniforms or Rs 150/- annually.