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Branch Activities

To ensure that the daily records are maintained properly and on daily basis.
To accept the funds for the panchayat other than those related to education, irrigation, construction and block office and provide the receipt after checking these documents and signing it.
To maintain the account related to the G.P.F of the panchayat , issue slips, advances, apart final payments.
To check and settle the pension claims of the retired employees of the panchayat on time.
To audit various funds and provide guidelines regarding the same.
To maintain a complaint register.
To notify the D.D.O.C if any department is found breaching the correct maintenance of the accounts.
To verify the audit notices given by A.G.L.F.
To design the budget of the District Panchayat.
To check the T.P. forecast notice.
To check U.T.C.
To appoint, promote, and transfer the employees of the various departments.
To conduct the internal audit of the bills.
To issue the payments of the bills of all the departments apart from the education, irrigation, construction and block office (health).
Financial advisor to the District Panchayat
To verify the account registers such as cashbook, advance, deposit, grants, T.A. bills, investment register, salary register etc.
To make the monthly and yearly budget of the District Panchayat.
To fulfill all the responsibility of the account department.