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Polio Campaign

Have polio-resistance vaccination. Save the child from becoming handicapped.
Do you want to save your child from helplessness of polio? If yes, give two drops of poli, resistance vaccines on every round to your children from ages 0 to 5 years.

Even if you have given resistance polio doses for many times, give two drops of polio resistance vaccination.

Even if your child is sick, give two drops of polio resistance vaccination.
Benefits by giving anti-polio vaccination Disadvantages by not giving anti-polio vaccination
No helplessness in life Permanent helplessness in life
Child clean and well-protected Dependence on other throughout life
Parents are shelter for child Child is shelter for parents

A team of anganwadi workers visits very houses to give anti-polio vaccines to the remaining children.

When mobile team visits your place to give polio resistance vaccines in remote, inaccessible and for-off places, please have its benefits.