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Disrict's Specific Profile

The Dang district is located in the southern part of the Gujarat state. To the north and west of Dang lies Surat and Navsari districts of Gujarat whereas to its east and south are the districts of the Maharastra state. The district of Dang lies between 20.39 degree to 21.5 degree North latitudes and 72.29 degree to 73.51 degree East longitudes. The Dang is comprised of 311 Villages and has an area of 1764 sq. km
Geological Information
The land of the district is fertile and rocky. The colour of the soil is either red or black. Maize, Rice, Groundnuts, Nagli (raggi), Euphorbia,etc. are the major cultivation of this land. Wheat, Black Gram, Udad, etc are also grown in this soil.
Rivers and Water Resources
Purva and Ambica, are the two major rivers of the Dang. The other rivers are Khapri, Gira and Ghoghal. All the rivers are flowing into the Arabian Sea.