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The Fort of Roop Gadh (Kalibel)

Constructed in the 17th century, the fort of Roopgadh is the only monument that demonstrates the Dangs’ indigenous ‘Giridurg ‘ architecture. Pilajirao, the founder of Gaikwad dynasty established this fort in 1721 A.D. and made Songadh its capital. However, Pilajirao’s son Damajirao selected Vadodara as the capital of their kingdom. Presently, one can see canons, granaries and water tank made out of a single stone in this fort.

On the north is situated a secret water spring. There is a Hanuman temple below the spring. A damaged canon is lying on its side. Its view from the top of the fort is exciting. The fort can be reached by two ways. It takes about an hour to climb to the fort after leaving the vehicle at the village Popatbari via village Kalibel. While climbing down, from the north direction, one can visit Hanuman temple also.