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Shabarimata Praishtha at Subir

It is believed that, during the time of the Ramayana, this region was known as ‘Shabari-van ‘ and the Bardipada region was known as ‘Bordi-nu-van’. ‘Shabarimata’ lived in this place. The people of this place call themselves to be descendants of Shabari. Shabari who gave the berries after tasting the berries before offering them to Lord Rama reminds us about the era of Rama.

Keeping this unbreakable faith of the tribals into consideration, Shri Shabarimata Sewa Committee has established a grand temple and a Shabaridham at Subir. The place where temple is built, is located on the hill called Chamak Dungar. There were three stones on this hill. The locals believe that Shabarimata, Lord Rama and Laxman sat on this stones while she offered the berries to Lord Rama.

The tribals of this place worship these stones with a lot of festivities and also decorating the stones with colours like Abil-Gulal. A grand temple is constructed keeping these three stones in their same position.
The tribals take pride even today, in giving their children the same names by which the heroes of the Ramayana times were called. Ramayana is played on an instrument called Thali and Ramkatha is done even today. The memory of Lord Rama makes this entire forest region a pious place.